“The overarching point is to help the community get better,” Boyd said. “Being able to help people with affordable housing that are in a position that they’re trying to get clean, they’re trying to change their life around — housing that’s affordable and safe is a game-changer.” 

The idea for Rev Real actually began with Boyd’s late sister, who always encouraged him to get into property. “After she died, it was like, ‘Okay, that was something that she wanted for me,’” he said. “So we did it.”

Boyd saw something special in Sharon, but he knew that many traditional lenders were hesitant to invest in the area. Then he met Bridgeway. “Bridgeway Capital can help purchase a property, give them renovation costs, and get these properties back up in the community, which desperately needs affordable housing,” said Shawn Thomas, Bridgeway Lending Team Leader. 

“You find the property, you get the funds in place,” Boyd said. “Bridgeway has been super helpful with that throughout this entire process.” And as Sharon grows and changes, so does Boyd himself. “It’s helped me evolve,” he said. “It’s helped me change as a person.”

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