Lending Partners

At Bridgeway Capital, we partner with banks, credit unions and other organizations to make financing possible for growing small businesses and organizations.

We provide capital for start-up and established small businesses and combine this with educational opportunities to maximize the potential success of the business. We act as a primary or secondary source of financing, and work with you to close a deal as easily and efficiently as possible. Through collaboration, we help you keep business opportunities and deposits at your institution, while ensuring that the borrower receives capital to grow and be financially successful.

Please click on the following links to access the loan application.

Bridgeway Capital Loan Application (pdf)

Loan Officers

Call our loan officers for more information or if you have any questions about how to get involved.

Aaron Aldrich

Business Education Director
412-201-2450 ext. 131

Arthur Clinger

Loan Officer
412-201-2450 ext. 116

Jeni Cooper

Community Development Loan Officer

412-201-2450 ext. 125

T.J. King, Loan Officer

Erie Office

Dwayne Rankin

Chief Lending Officer
412-201-2450 ext. 128

Shawn Thomas

Entrepreneur Loan Officer
412-201-2450 ext. 121

Reid Smith

Loan Officer, Uniontown Office