The idea for Taste and See came to Krystal Robinson in 2018. She put in a journal closed it and then walked away. When she looked again at her journal of business ideas and asked herself which of these businesses would be most important to Erie right now? It was Taste and See Fruit and Veggie Bar.

Krystal was motivated by her own experience of being unable to find healthy options – like fruit and vegetable smoothies – in downtown Erie. Krystal enrolled in the Erie Minority-Owned Business Accelerator to help launch her vision for a fruit and veggie bar that shows fresh produce can be delicious and accessible. “I wanted to take my passion for nutrition and turn it into a business concept that could contribute to the city’s revitalization efforts,” said Krystal. “I want to help Erie look good and feel good because it eats good.”

The Erie Minority-Owned Business Accelerator helped Krystal develop her concept from a business idea to a viable, growing business. Taste and See now operates a space at the Flagship City Food Hall in Erie, PA. Krystal sees her business as more than an eatery, she is on a mission to make her community healthier. “Taste and See’s mission is to revitalize the Erie community with access to healthier food options. To deny people access to nutritious food choices is to deny them a healthy, long, and wholesome life — a basic human right!”

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