Apply for a Loan

Bridgeway Capital wants to make sure that you and your business are ready to borrow and grow before you apply for a loan.

Need financing to launch your dream venture? Need to purchase major equipment or expand your facility? Bridgeway Capital may have a loan that’s right for you.

What You Need to Know

“Cash is king.” Every small business has heard this phrase. The reality is that every business must have cash to start the business, maintain operations and grow. Approach your lender with a business case that makes financial sense. When you make your request, always have a well-written and well thought out business plan.

To learn more about borrowing and how to get a loan, including questions you need to ask about your business, check out Are You Ready to Borrow, or give us a call at 412.201.2450. If you are well prepared and ready, go to the Applications  section to apply.