How 10 creative businesses in the Next Leap program are working on growth and social impact

"This fall, Bridgeway Capital’s Creative Business Accelerator (CBA) and Ascender combined their business building capabilities to offer the inaugural Next Leap Program. Ascender’s team of experts and coaches worked closely with 10 creative businesses to transform growth ideas into actionable plans. The CBA will now continue to help them pursue their Next Leap goals over the following six months to realize financial resilience and social impact."

Pittsburgh Black farmers work to grow a new future

"For new business owners Lunsford-Evans and the Kelly sisters, the pandemic, as well as the social justice movement that has grown exponentially this summer, put a greater emphasis on what had driven them to start their own companies. Both are part of a relatively new movement of Black farmers in Pittsburgh, and their business goals include helping to create a better system, a lasting framework for Black-owned agricultural businesses, along with addressing issues surrounding food apartheid — a term that highlights the lack of high-quality, affordable fresh food and the systemic race-based structures that cause it."

Bridgeway Capital activates COVID-19 Response Fund to sustain small businesses and nonprofits

“Our COVID-19 Response Fund makes patient and responsive capital available to sustain small businesses and nonprofits that may not be adequately supported by other economic recovery efforts,” said T.J. Bogdewic, President and CEO, Bridgeway Capital, in the statement. “Now, more than ever, our region needs patient capital to ensure that the potential of all communities and entrepreneurs persists through the present crisis.”

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