Emerging Opportunities Financing

Bridgeway Capital supports real estate developments that improve the quality of life for surrounding populations. The resulting properties become magnets for additional investments, and their planning, construction, and ongoing maintenance offers a range of economic benefits.

Bridgeway offers financing options to help a variety of enterprises secure the capital needed to start, advance, and complete high quality community development projects. Bridgeway’s strategy complements its small business development efforts, and helps improve overall economic conditions in chronically underinvested areas. Community development projects serve as powerful catalysts for economic activity and opportunity. Each newly constructed building or renovated property has the potential to attract more fresh and transformative investments to low-income areas. If a community development project has potential for high impact, Bridgeway wants to be there when it is ready to grow.

What Financing Solutions Are Offered?

  • Predevelopment grants to research market conditions, explore project feasibility and create design infrastructure (e.g. architectural drawings, environmental studies, engineering analysis, market studies)
  • Equity investments to attract additional investments, which will create lasting interest and sustainability throughout underserved markets
  • Subordinate loans to ensure that projects continue without delay and obtain next stage financing (e.g. appraisal gaps, full acquisition and design costs, construction)
  • Predevelopment loans to residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects to fund early stage costs (e.g. construction budgets, surveys, appraisals, market studies, and legal fees)
  • Larger investments of capital by Bridgeway’s regional partners to support projects with a high potential for community impact

Who Receives Financing?

  • Real estate enterprises that have the skills and resources to create viable, high-quality, financially sound, and environmentally conscious structures
  • Community development corporations with high impact real estate project ideas rooted in a larger vision for area revitalization
  • For-profit and nonprofit organizations seeking to broaden the economic turnaround in western Pennsylvania

 What Types of Projects?

  • Commercial real estate, affordable housing, and facility projects for social services that improve the standard of living for low-income people
  • Redevelopment that seeks to restore and preserve the uniqueness of the region’s urban and rural communities
  • New construction that will attract new residents and tenants like retail, service, and manufacturing businesses

How Do We Grow Communities?

  • Create employment opportunities for residents through financing initiatives
  • Fill financing gaps to catalyze commercial activity and improve property values
  • Attract additional investment into underserved markets
  • Revitalize communities through infrastructure improvements and economic development

“Bridgeway Capital was a great partner in making sure that we are able to include the Juniata Street development as part of our Renaissance II project. We continue to move forward, and will work very closely with Bridgeway on this project and many others.”

– LaShawn Burton-Faulk, executive director of the Manchester Citizens Corporation

EOF Brochure FINAL-1

Click the thumbnail image to access a downloadable PDF of the Emerging Opportunities Financing Brochure. If you are interest in speaking with us to see if your project would be a good fit for Emerging Opportunities Financing, please contact us to get started.


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