The Erie County COVID-19 Response Fund Offers

Loans for Small Businesses

Low-interest loans with flexible repayment plans for small businesses with 25 employees or under facing business disruptions.

 Loans for Nonprofits

Low-interest loans with flexible repayment plans to Erie County nonprofits to sustain vital services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer?

  • Flexible repayment terms with no payment required for 3 months
  • Low-interest rates at 4% for small businesses
  • Low-interest rates at 3% for nonprofits
  • Loans from $5,000 up to $50,000

Who is eligible?

  • Nonprofits located in Erie County
  • Small businesses under 25 employees located in Erie county that are any of the following
  • Minority-, woman-, immigrant- or veteran-owned businesses, or
  • Businesses or nonprofits that serve economically distressed neighborhoods in Erie County

Where do we work?

  • The Erie County COVID-19 Response Fund is for nonprofits and small businesses located in Erie County, Pennsylvania
  • Bridgeway serves 15 counties in western Pennsylvania from our three offices located in Pittsburgh, Erie, and Uniontown

“Working with Erie County Council, ECGRA developed the COVID-19 Response Fund and is working with other County agencies to help make capital available to sustain our local economy and support the most vulnerable among us.”

Perry Wood, Executive Director, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority

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Cathryn Easterling
Director of Erie Office


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