A Message From Our CEO

Focused investments in people and places

Each investment is a commitment to a more just and equitable future.


Strategic Goals

The following goals and strategies are ambitious and require Bridgeway Capital to engage a broad array of stakeholders to identify the best areas to target and invest in. Our five-year plan will include new initiatives, calculated risks, and innovative investment structures. Internally, it is critical that a connected culture and sustained structure support these efforts. Together, these goals and strategies will evolve the Bridgeway Capital brand and story, effectively capturing the organization’s financial and social impact.


A broader, deeper connection and authentic engagement in target areas.


  • Identify and assess target areas for deeper and new engagements
  • Explore and engage in opportunities to partner on community visioning, planning, and special projects
  • Assess capacity to support increased community engagement


A flexible, innovative portfolio that fulfills customer needs, streamlines services, and produces equitable and measurable community outcomes.


  • Align programs, products, and services to meet the engagement and investment strategies in targeted communities
  • Evaluate current products and develop processes to identify new and innovative product opportunities
  • Increase size and scope of the loan portfolio to achieve lending targets in small business and community development lending
  • Invest in the expansion of business development programming and loan readiness services


A diverse, inclusive, and high-performing team unified in serving customers and solving challenging issues.


  • Continue to evolve the organization to represent our clients and communities
  • Integrate diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices in organizational operations and program & service delivery
  • Create a culture of collaboration & innovation


A stable structure and sound business model that supports daily operations.


  • Establish operational resilience and efficiency in practices, processes, and policies
  • Create an impact management plan
  • Align the organization to the strategic plan


An established brand that builds on its superior financial reputation to capture and compellingly communicate its human and community impact story.


  • Build Bridgeway’s brand as a provider of solutions for community development
  • Align and redefine target audiences to strategic plan goals
  • Elevate visibility with peers and target audiences
  • Leverage mission, vision, and values as the compass that guides our story

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