By providing the capital and educational opportunities necessary for new businesses and new jobs, we are transforming western Pennsylvania into a thriving region for all.

Bridgeway Capital’s overarching mission is to make western Pennsylvania a thriving region for all. Making loans to entrepreneurs helps grow small businesses and drive job creation, making an economic impact. Making loans to community services organizations helps to enhance and sustain their ability to provide critical social services to the communities in which we live and work, positively impacting our quality of life. We believe this is part of a comprehensive solution to revitalize and grow our region.

How Do We Measure Impact?

We measure jobs created/preserved, the expansion of services, the percentage of low-income people served, the availability of family-wages and/or benefits, and other related impact metrics. If the client is a nonprofit, we also measure the number of people served by the organization and the number of community facilities (or total square footage) financed.

We Are a Model That Works

We are a market-driven, private sector financial intermediary with a social mission. We work outside the margins of mainstream finance to provide opportunities and access to capital. With rigorous underwriting standards and a focus on mission, we make a small amount of resources go a long way. We strive to be sustainable for maximum impact — we are not profit-maximizing.

Click here to explore our clients’ stories about the impact of flexible financing and working capital on their business or organization.

Building Awareness

While financing and educational opportunities are essential to the success of small businesses and nonprofits, we also must improve awareness about the direct economic and social impact they create for our region. How can we do this? We need your support.

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  • Refer businesses and nonprofits that need capital to start up or expand — we’ll do everything we can to provide financing, educational opportunities or direction.
  • Support entrepreneurs with your business — shop at local small businesses, network with small business owners, and talk about their efforts in your community.

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