Verify Services


Waterford, PA, a community of approximately fifteen hundred residents, is located fifteen miles south of Erie, PA. The small town may not be considered a regional hotspot for hi-tech growth, but Verify Services proves that a 21st century business can thrive in rural settings. Verify Services is a consulting company that helps clients manage and reduce expenses for their commercial telecommunications. In 2015, Bridgeway provided an entrepreneur loan to business owner Erin Green. She used the working capital to hire two additional employees to meet a growing demand for telecommunications expertise. Before starting the business, Ms. Green spent six years in the US Army Reserves and twenty years in the telecommunications industry. Helping a former citizen soldier create quality jobs in rural western Pennsylvania was a great mission fit for Bridgeway.

“They connected me with professionals in my area to completely revamp our website. Our continued success is due, in part, to great partners like Bridgeway Capital”

– Erin Green, Owner Verify Services

The A Team

Accepting an entrepreneur loan from Bridgeway gave Verify Services access to a wide range of business development tools. Their remote setting requires a well-designed website to engage customers in urban centers from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. Bridgeway paired Ms. Green with a team of web designers and marketing professionals from the Erie area. They collaborated to create a custom website that articulates Verify Services’ unique benefits. Ms. Green brought extensive experience in telecommunications to start Verify Services, and the technical assistance and entrepreneur loan from Bridgeway increases the chances that her first venture will succeed.

Unexpected Opportunities

Many of Bridgeway’s small business clients offer innovative and distinctive services. Their business ideas often go beyond what conventional lending institutions are comfortable financing. Unique Services and Applications earned a regional reputation for the fabrication and repair of steeples and flagpoles. Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches grows its Wilkinsburg-based business with lactose-free desserts. Dovecote owner, Ken Haselrig, uses white doves for therapeutic, educational, and entertainment applications. Bridgeway’s portfolio is full of forward-thinking, path-finding entrepreneurs that strengthen and diversify the regional economy.


Verify Services

PO Box 246 | Waterford, PA 16441 | 800.400.7180