The Brown Agency


Bridgeway Capital understands that complex challenges hinder progress in economically hard hit neighborhoods. One part of the solution is mixed-use real estate developments that create space for economic activity and offer affordable housing options. Bridgeway’s support of the Homewood Station Senior Apartments is a prime example of a mixed-use project. Homewood Station was developed by Oxford Development Company and S&A Homes with much of the interior work conducted by local contractor, Ma’at Construction Group. The facility provides neighborhood seniors with accessible apartments and attractive storefronts for small businesses.

“We have a key location in the community, and Bridgeway’s support enabled us to make the transition smoothly so we can better serve our customers.”

– Ronald Brown, Owner of The Brown Agency

Serving Homewood

Ronald Brown, business owner and licensed Allstate insurance agent, occupies a store front on the first floor of Homewood Station. His business provides insurance services for the community and helps revitalize the Homewood Avenue commercial corridor in the heart of the neighborhood. After funding the development of the commercial spaces at Homewood Station, Bridgeway then gave Mr. Brown the financial support he needed to transition his business from its previous location. The increased space of the new office enabled Brown to hire two additional associates.

Transferable Model

In 2016, the Penn Mathilda Apartments will open in Garfield. Like Homewood Station, the project creates affordable housing options. At Penn Mathilda, Pittsburgh’s veterans will have the opportunity to reimagine their lives after military service. Veterans are disproportionately vulnerable to homelessness, representing between one-fourth and one-fifth of the homeless population. In this mixed-use project, Bridgeway financed commercial spaces with the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation that will support cultural enterprises and small businesses. The success of Homewood Station and the potential of Penn Mathilda demonstrates the transformative impact of mixed-use projects.


The Brown Agency

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