RedZone Robotics

pic-redzoneLeading developer of robotic equipment for hazardous environments.

Impact Story

Now a leading developer of equipment for hazardous environments, RedZone Robotics was forced into bankruptcy before Eric Close and a group of investors purchased it in 2003. Eric quickly realized that RedZone Robotics needed to reposition and recapitalize to support innovations that would significantly impact the industry.

With a growth loan from Bridgeway Capital, the company supported its receivables from municipalities, which ultimately paved the way for larger financing sources.
Located in Lawrenceville in The Chocolate Factory, RedZone Robotics is now a thriving company that utilizes cutting-edge technology focused on automated inspection and rehabilitation of underground pipe systems.

The changes have made a lasting impression:

  • Grew from 17 to 61 employees in two years
  • Recently received $7 million in venture financing
  • Attracts and retains local talent while working in a variety of large metropolitan areas

“Bridgeway Capital played a pivotal role for RedZone Robotics and helped us attract other financing sources to extend the assets of our business,” said Eric.

Business Information

91 43rd Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
412-476-8980 |