Propel Schools

Charter school with 5 locations in western Pennsylvania.

Impact Story

Jeremy Resnick believed in a school system that could motivate children from low-income areas to succeed. He started Propel in 2003 with 180 children in a single school in Homestead, located in a basement at the former Homestead Hospital.

Within a year, the school’s value was evident as it grew in popularity, numbers, and higher test scores. Propel needed to expand, so Bridgeway Capital helped finance new facilities.

Today, Propel has become the largest, fastest-expanding set of charter schools in Pennsylvania.

Located in Homestead, McKeesport, Turtle Creek and Montour, Propel is impacting students on a daily basis:

  • Quality education at five locations for nearly 1,500 students, with another 1,500 on the waiting list
  • Large gain on state test scores, including higher proficiency in math and reading
  • Opened its first high school for the 2008/2009 year in Homestead

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