PHASE 4 Learning Center

PHASE 4 Learning Center’s mission is to provide an exceptional education for at-risk youth that focuses on their academic, social, behavioral and future needs, enabling them to graduate from high school prepared to become caring and contributing members of the community.

Its education opportunities includes a high school diploma program, a diploma retrieval program and summer school. PHASE 4 currently operates out of three locations and has more than 500 students.

Impact Story

Four teachers — professional women who are passionate about transforming people’s lives — formed PHASE 4 Learning Center, a nonprofit alternative education program that provides academic, social and behavioral learning to at-risk youth.

In September 2003, Bridgeway Capital helped PHASE 4 open the doors to its first facility with six students from one school district. Demand quickly heightened, so PHASE 4 sought additional assistance from Bridgeway Capital to open two new leased facilities.

Today, PHASE 4 has hired 30 employees and operates out of three locations. More than 400 students from 45 school districts participate in the programs.

  • In 2006, 121 students gradutated — students who may not have finished their education otherwise.
  • Sixty percent of graduates planned to enter post-seconddary education.
  • Since opening, nearly 100 percent of each senior class has graduated.

“These students are really special,” said Terrie Suica-Reed, President and CEO of PHASE 4. “Through our education programs, we hope to see them face the 21st century with skills and confidence that they can succeed.”

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