Operation Better Block


Small business financing represents the majority of Bridgeway’s activity, but thriving nonprofit organizations are also vital components of community revitalization. Operation Better Block (OBB), located in Homewood, is an active and effective nonprofit partner. Bridgeway recently provided a predevelopment grant to OBB. The grant covered architectural designs and an environmental site assessment of a open lot in Homewood. OBB aims to develop the underutilized space into a mixed-use structure.

“Bridgeway has provided consistent and responsive support over the last several years”

– Jerome Jackson, OBB’s executive director

Envisioning Community Clusters

In 2014, Bridgeway provided a grant for the renovation of ARThouse, a creative space operated by nationally renowned sculptor, Vanessa German. The ARThouse is an important artistic resource for neighborhood residents. Through its Homewood Cluster Planning initiative, OBB envisions a community enriched with green, commercial, and cultural assets, like ARThouse. Bridgeway is contributing to the multifaceted momentum in Homewood with the development of 7800 Susquehanna Street, which houses a dynamic mix of small manufacturers, workforce training resources, and creative entrepreneurs.

Continuity Through Capital

In addition to supporting real estate development projects, Bridgeway also provided a working capital loan to ensure that OBB’s efforts continue unabated. Bridgeway’s nonprofit loans can be helpful when gaps in income need to be bridged. “Operation Better Block has ambitious plans for the revitalization of Homewood,” states Jerome Jackson, OBB’s executive director. “Bridgeway has provided consistent and responsive support over the last several years, and we look forward to collaborating on more projects that will improve the quality of life for this area’s residents.”


Operation Better Block

801 N Homewood Ave # A | Pittsburgh, PA 15208

412.731.1908 | www.obbinc.org