Cosmos Technologies

pic-cosmosCosmos Technologies, founded in 1997, assists its clients with their environmental, safety, quality assurance and energy management needs.

Cosmos has provided services on a wide variety of projects in southwestern Pennsylvania, including its work as a subcontractor for the PNC building site; dye-testing for the city of Pittsburgh; and studying the infrastructure of sewage flows in Allegheny County.

Impact Story

Frederick Douglas founded Cosmos Technologies in 1997 with his own resources. In time, he realized that Cosmos needed to expand to keep up with the rising demand for its services. After approaching Bridgeway Capital in 2004, he was able to secure a loan to hire additional employees.

An engineering company, Cosmos Technologies implements process knowledge to assist its clients in achieving their environmental, safety, research and development, quality assurance and energy management objectives.

“Being an entrepreneur and starting a business — it’s all about ideas, and being able to create,” said Mr. Douglas.

Since 2004, Cosmos Technologies has obtained additional financing from Bridgeway Capital to help it expand.

According to Mr. Douglas, these loans have caused a “springboard of activities” for the company.

Since 2004, the company has:

  • Increased from 2 – 12 employees.
  • Retained higher wage jobs.
  • Diversified and expanded its client base.

“There is a wide misconception of entrepreneurship that makes it difficult to receive financial support. Bridgeway Capital realizes its importance, and we are forever grateful,” said Mr. Douglas.

Business Information

700 River Ave, Suite 412
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-321-3951 |