A community overwhelmed by pervasive substance abuse is unable to participate in or benefit from economic revitalization. This is why Bridgeway supports human service nonprofits alongside startup entrepreneurs and small businesses. A recent loan to SpiritLife is a prime example of Bridgeway’s support for nonprofits that provide vital services in western Pennsylvania. SpiritLife is a faith-based, non-denominational treatment center that supports personalized pathways to addiction and substance recovery. The facility is located in rural Indiana County. The working capital helps SpiritLife prepare its new facility and solidifies an affiliation with the Indian Regional Medical Center.

“Bridgeway understands the important role that SpiritLife will have in this area. An investment in our services is an investment in community wellbeing.”

– Lou Wagner, executive director, SpiritLife

Changing Directions

Lou Wagner created SpiritLife in 2013. An attorney and former CFO, Lou changed career paths to start the nonprofit based on first-hand experience. He witnessed the destructive nature of drug abuse with a close family member. He is committed to seeing SpiritLife reach its full potential healing patients and supporting the greater community. There are currently no “non-hospital” residential treatment facilities in the seven county region of Indiana, Westmoreland, Jefferson, Clearfield, Cambria, Clarion, or Armstrong County. Much of this rural area is economically challenged, compounding the negative impacts of substance abuse in small and isolated communities. SpiritLife addresses this need, and creates jobs in the process.

Bridging the Budget Crisis

SpiritLife is one of its latest clients, but Bridgeway has a long history of providing ongoing support and startup assistance for nonprofits. The lack of a state budget restricts agencies serving our most vulnerable citizens and creates perilous conditions for human service nonprofits. Bridgeway responds with an emergency loan fund to help agencies keep services open. Our team closed $1.8 million in emergency loans and has another $745,000 in requests. The need for a helping hand rises in underserved communities, and now the nonprofits created to provide that helping hand need aid. Bridgeway remains dedicated to deploying its expertise and resources to alleviate this growing crisis.



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