American Drain Cleaners


Clayton Scott started American Drain Cleaners 9 years ago. Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the business, he now serves all of Pittsburgh from his Homewood location. In 2014, Scott received an entrepreneur loan from Bridgeway. Scott’s business thrived with three utility vans and two local plumbers on the payroll, but securing investments for expansion proved difficult. The working capital from Bridgeway allowed him to hire additional employees so he could pursue more projects.

“As I take steps to grow my business, like new employees, bigger equipment, or more space, it helps to know Bridgeway will be there”

​- Clayton Scott, Owner of American Drain Cleaners

Getting to Work

Many of Bridgeway’s clients return for additional financing to pursue new opportunities. In 2015 Bridgeway provided Scott with a microloan to purchase a pickup truck for American Drain Cleaners. He was unable to access a number of job opportunities with rough terrain or hazardous winter conditions. The solution was an all-terrain truck capable of reaching new customers. Scott’s success with his first entrepreneur loan made Bridgeway’s second investment strategic and sensible.

Trucks to Territory

Scott was introduced to the plumbing trade by his grandfather, who was one of the few licensed, African-American plumbers in the Pittsburgh area at the time. He continues a family tradition of tradesmanship, and aims to expand that legacy in his neighborhood. One big move was locating to a workshop on Bennett Street, a site in Homewood surrounded by underutilized parcels. He envisions American Drain Cleaners spreading out to include excavation and construction equipment. “This workshop is just the beginning,” stated Scott. “As I take steps to grow my business, like with new employees, bigger equipment, and more space, it helps to know Bridgeway will be there.”


American Drain Cleaners

7621 Susquehanna Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15208