All Water Systems

pic-All Water Systems Anniversary LogoAll Water Systems, Inc. is a water technology company specializing in custom-built, high purity water systems for commercial and industrial customers. The company has been in business for 30 years and is based in Turtle Creek, Pa.

Impact Story

Bob Hoolahan began All Water Systems, Inc., in 1980 by selling and servicing water softeners for residential use. He kept costs low by basing the business out of his home and enlisting the help of family to meet the business’ growing demands.

“We started in the basement of our house, and once the business started growing we built on an addition,” founder Bob Hoolahan said. “My wife answered the phone and (my son) Ron designed the first letterhead. The whole family put ourselves into this thing for that first eight years; no one got moody about it; we just made it work.”

The company soon found a niche in the commercial and industrial sectors and began to focus on building, installing, and servicing high purity water systems. Few competitors could offer the same full-service benefits and reasonable pricing. All Water Systems began to win bids among large, well-known Pittsburgh companies and needed to hire additional staff and expand to a larger facility. Over the past three decades, All Water Systems has grown its customer base to include companies such as Alcoa, Bayer, Duquesne University, PPG Industries, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

“We build long-term relationships with our customers and treat them like family,” Ron Hoolahan said. “We set out to do what is best for them. It’s not just lip service; it’s the mindset here.”

Bridgeway Capital, in partnership with Catalyst Connection, provided financing through the Manufacturing Growth Cooperative Fund to help All Water Systems expand its services and purchase a 16,500 square foot facility in Turtle Creek. During the economic downturn, the company moved forward by designing new products and services that would diversify its offerings.

“The loan helped ease the burden of cash flow during the recession and helped us continue to develop our products and services to enhance what we offer to our customers,” Ron Hoolahan said.

The company has also participated in Bridgeway’s business education programs and received one-on-one consulting services in the areas of advertising and marketing.

Economic Impact

  • All Water Systems, Inc. currently employs eight full-time workers in the Mon Valley region.
  • The company plans to hire an additional employee in the next two years.

1475 Airbrake Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145
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