Patent Success…Firm Receives Patents for Useful Inventions

June 11, 2015 | Diane I. Daniels | New Pittsburgh Courier

Frederick Douglas Sr. the founder and president of Cosmos Technologies, Inc., considered his firm as innovative and predicted that within 10 years it would expand into the development, implementation and commercialization of environmental friendly green technologies to treat waste and improve wastewater treatment efficiency.

Six years later Cosmos Technologies received fully executed United States and South African patents for developing an innovative, cost competitive, wastewater treatment process capable of removing toxic and other heavy metals from industrial wastewaters. Patents are also pending in Australia, Canada and Chile.

Excited about the patents that were received in 2014 and 2015, Douglas said his company has the rights to the technology for 20 years. “No other companies can use the wastewater treatment process without paying or partnering with Cosmos Technologies,” he said. To move the patents forward Douglas said the next steps are to position Cosmos to form commercialized partnerships with large firms.

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