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Program Offerings

What is offered?

  • Bidding: BID assists companies in locating and biding on government and other large projects by providing project sourcing, bidding, estimating, and contract negotiation services. By outsourcing these tasks to experienced industry specialists, companies can gain a much needed strategic advantage.
  • Networking: BID offers a broad network of industry professionals that serves as a connection point for contractors to learn from one another, create partnerships, and identify potential projects.
  • Coaching: Through the Hub, BID administrators set and track business development goals, providing one-on-one consulting in accounting, marketing, sales, strategic planning, and human resources.

Who is eligible?

  • >51% African-American-owned businesses.
  • Located in low-to-moderate income areas and/or employ low-income individuals
  • In the construction, contracting, or trucking industries
  • Have a sound business plan
  • Show entrepreneurial leadership
  • Committed to increasing business skills

Wilco Construction

Darrell Williams, Owner of Wilco Construction has made significant financial strides utilizing business coaching, consulting, and networking. Williams learned the accounting software QuickBooks to manage finances; developed a marketing plan; and worked with McKibbin Consulting on his bid strategy. Building his networks helped Williams broker more connections in the local construction industry and increased Wilco Construction’s revenue by 294%.

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