Education and Resources

Through our education and resource efforts, Bridgeway Capital increases our borrowers’ chances of success and contributes to the growth of the economy.

Entrepreneurs need more than just financing to succeed. Bridgeway Capital’s educational opportunities — along with flexible financing — help to maximize the potential success of a small business. While the Business Education program below is primarily focused on our clients, other small business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of opportunities and links in the Resource Library.

What We Offer

Business Education Director

Aaron Aldrich manages our Business Education Team and provides one-on-one assistance for our borrowers, which includes connecting them with opportunities that fit their unique business needs. To contact him directly please call 412-201-2450 ext. 30

Skilled Consultants

Gain access to experienced professionals in financial management, strategic marketing, business planning, and more at low or no cost to you.  They will help you develop an Action Plan and work to implement it.

Growth Wheel

Bridgeway is a Certified Growth Wheel Partner.  Growth Wheel is a visual toolbox and online platform that helps entrepreneurs make decisions and take action.  Whether you’re a startup or growing company, Growth Wheel provides a 360 degree view of your business and is equipped with the tools and resources to help you set and achieve goals.  Our Business Education Director will help navigate the way as your Business Coach.

Educational Opportunities

Build your business skills and your network by attending seminars and training events at universities, Small Business Development Centers, and other organizations. Bridgeway can help you secure scholarship support to participate in these empowering experiences.


We provide bimonthly E-Updates where you can learn about the latest business tips, read articles from local entrepreneurs, hear about seminars and training, and connect with other small business owners.

Technical Assistance (TA) Funds

Add capacity to your business with our technical assistance matching funds.  You can apply for partial funding- in the form of a grant- for conferences, seminars, certifications, and more to help grow your business.  Rules apply.

Funded through a contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration




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