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Access Elements of Creative Business Success


Patient and flexible capital remains key for creative businesses pursuing opportunities and mitigating challenges. The CBA’s position at Bridgeway streamlines the pathway from an interesting idea to a funded project for creative businesses across the region.


The CBA works with creative businesses to strengthen their relationships with customers both regionally and beyond. The CBA creates opportunities that┬ádirectly impact creative businesses’ brands and bottom lines.


We provide helpful businesss assistance for creative entrepreneurs. To learn more, read about First Leap, Next Leap, and follow us on social media to catch one of our free webinars.


Running a creative business can become an isolating experience. The CBA connects communities of creatives through peer mixers, cohort-based programming, and market events.


Through Bridgeway’s 7800 Susquehanna Street building and other projects and partners across the region, the CBA offers creative businesses access to stable, safe, and affordable workspaces.


As creative businesses grow they generate of quality jobs, ranging from production to promotion. The CBA helps them understand the benefits and challenges of growing and managing a team.

The Creative Business Loan Fund

Launched by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), in partnership with Bridgeway Capital and the Community First Fund, offers flexible financing tailored to the needs of creative businesses across the commonwealth. We can connect you to resources and solutions that help creative businesses navigate entrepreneurship. Funding from Bridgeway, combined with the Creative Business Accelerator, ensures you have both the capital and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed.

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