The Creative Business Loan Fund, launched by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), in partnership with Bridgeway Capital and the Community First Fund, offers flexible financing tailored to the needs of creative businesses across the commonwealth.

Learn how the Creative Business Loan Fund can help you pursue opportunities for business growth. Creative Business Loan Fund

Access Elements of Creative Business Success


Patient and flexible capital remains key for creative businesses  pursuing opportunities and mitigating challenges. The CBA’s position at Bridgeway streamlines the pathway from interesting idea to funded project for creative businesses across the region.


The CBA works with creative business to strengthen their relationships with customers both regionally and beyond. CBA platforms and programs like Monamde, PG&H, and ORIGINS directly impact creative businesses’ brands and bottom lines.


We provide free technical assistance for businesses facing hurdles and questions of all kind. Email us today to schedule free Virtual Technical Assistance or check out our Free Webinars.


Designing, making, marketing, and running a creative business becomes isolating experience. The CBA built and supports a community of artists, designers, makers, and craftspeople dedicated to pursuing creative fulfillment and business impact.


Through Bridgeway’s 7800 Susquehanna Street building and other projects and partners across the region, the CBA offers creative businesses access to stable, safe, and affordable work spaces where they get room to grow.


As creative businesses grow they generate of quality jobs, ranging from production to promotion. The CBA helps them understand the benefits and challenges of growing and managing a team of employees and/or contractors.

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Adam Kenney
Director of the
Creative Business Accelerator

Katie Johnson
Associate Director of the Creative Business Accelerator

Katie Schaible
Director of Monmade

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