Bridgeway in the spotlight

Our clients are usually the ones that get the media’s attention, but Bridgeway is often recognized for its role in regional economic development.

We have funded some pretty exciting and important projects that have attracted a lot of regional, even national, attention. Occasionally, Bridgeway is the focus of the story. Whether it is an infusion of new capital for small business development, or the start of a new program like Healthy Food or Emerging Opportunities Financing, the articles in this page are helpful. We invite you to explore these stories and learn more about our evolution as an organization.

Featured Story

Loans provide raft for nonprofits during Pennsylvania’s budget impasse

Click on the link above to read more about how Bridgeway is rescuing many human service nonprofits adversely impacted by the state budget impasse. These nonprofits serve the region’s most vulnerable populations, so Bridgeway’s lending is helping to keep the critical support flowing.