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Helping small businesses respond to disruptions and seize recovery opportunities

COVID-19 hit just as Tina Daniels’ construction firm, Concrete Rose, was expanding, having secured its two biggest contracts since launching in January 2019. But while work paused, Daniels’ operating expenses did not.

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$1.2 million in COVID-19 Response Fund loans to 54 small businesses and nonprofits to help them respond to business disruptions due to COVID-19 and pursue recovery opportunities

Facilitating capital and guidance for makers to pivot and face COVID-19 challenges

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Knotzland and Protohaven thrived as important elements of the maker economy. As the crisis worsened, they pivoted operations to help create personal protective equipment (PPE) for essential workers, first responders, and underserved communities. The pivot required vision and courage. It also required responsive and flexible capital.

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$332,500 in loans and grants to 10 creative businesses and small manufacturers to retool and produce Personal Protective Equipment to combat COVID-19

Standing with our clients through uncertainty to help them sustain services

Since 1990, Pittsburgh Musical Theater has provided affordable and high-quality musical theater to the Pittsburgh region, educating youth in the arts and employing and developing local talent. But the pandemic shuttered its live theatrical performances and in-person youth classes at its Richard A. Rauh Conservatory. Bridgeway has long supported PMT—providing loan funds to purchase and repair its building in Pittsburgh’s West End 20 years ago—and this exceptional time was no different.

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$4.4 Million in loans and grants to 17 nonprofits to expand and preserve vital social services

Working with hometown real estate developers to provide safe, affordable housing for their neighbors

Real estate developer Emmett Wilson grew up in the Homewood and Larimer areas of Pittsburgh, and for more than 14 years, he’s been transforming distressed properties into affordable housing for families. By supporting local developers like Wilson, who have deep ties to their communities, Bridgeway helps ensure that residents prosper in place.

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$2.7 million in loans and grants to support affordable housing developments that created or preserved 48 housing units

Supporting immigrant-owned cornerstores as community anchors that foster healthier and more diverse communities

Access to healthy food anchors a community, keeping its people and economy healthy. In Pittsburgh, immigrant entrepreneurs are acting as those anchors with corner stores tailored to their communities. Bridgeway supported three cornerstores in their pursuit to increase access to fresh, healthy foods and provide essential cultural groceries to immigrant populations, East African Grocery in McKees Rocks, Juba Grocery in Brentwood, and Georges International Foods in Ambridge, PA.

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$293,629 in loans and grants to projects that increase access to healthy food with food-insecure populations

New partnerships that power a stronger workforce and vibrant economic future in rural and industrial towns

After decades of working as a mechanical engineer for other companies, Bill Kurtzhals founded his own, LL Kurtz, 20 years ago in Erie. The company—which designs, manufactures, and tests engineered rubber parts—has thrived, but debt and high-interest rates prevented the company from expanding its workforce. When Bill needed refinancing, Bridgeway utilized a new funding partnership to refinance LL Kurtz’s existing debt to improve cash flow.

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$914,315 in loans to 5 businesses that will help bring jobs and new industries to rural and industrial towns

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