Application Process

Make sure you are well-prepared and thorough in your responses when applying for a loan.

Make sure you are well-prepared and thorough in your responses when applying for a loan. Review the Are You Ready to Borrow section. If you can answer the questions thoroughly, then visit our Applications section. Feel free to call us at 412.201.2450 if you need assistance.

First Steps

Your application will be reviewed in a timely manner. You may receive a call from the Lending Team to guide you on next steps for your application. In order to fully evaluate your loan request, your credit will be pulled.

Complete Application Package

If we can proceed with your loan request, then you will need to put together a complete application package. Some of the necessary items are below; however, a comprehensive checklist of items will be sent to you directly. Your loan officer is ready and willing to assist you in preparing the package, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the items or the process. You will need*:

  • Signed Bridgeway Capital application
  • Personal Financial Statement for all owners
  • Business Plan with financial projections
  • Detailed Sources and Uses of Funds statement
  • Business tax returns for the last three years
  • Personal tax returns for the last three years for all business owners
  • Business financial statements (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Profit & Loss statements)

Application Review

The application package will be reviewed and we will inform you of whether or not we can proceed. Your lender may schedule a site visit or have additional questions for you — this is typically part of the process and while it does not guarantee a loan approval, it does keep the process moving. If we can move forward, then management will review and you will be notified of an approval or turndown.

We look forward to working with you!

*Items above represent only part of a loan package.

Loan Applications

For Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Are you interested in applying for a loan?  Review our Application Process for more information, and read below to apply online or print an application.

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