Erie Office

Strategically placed to better serve the northern counties, the Erie satellite office opens the door for even more job growth, new businesses, and community services in the region.

Erie is home to 8.9 percent of the region's population, and has always been part of our 15-county market. By expanding our offices up north, we’ll be able to better serve small businesses and nonprofits in Erie and our other northern counties. We strive for maximum impact in western Pennsylvania, which means lending to more small businesses, helping to create and retain jobs, working with nonprofits to sustain their services in the region, and providing opportunity for economic and social impact.

Why did Bridgeway Capital choose Erie as the location for its first satellite office?

As a result of our most recent strategic plan, we have done market research indicating that the greater Erie area is the most logical place for our first satellite office. 

  • First, this is a great location from which to serve other northern counties in our market and encourage economic vitality.  We can better expand our reach, and provide more opportunities to finance growing small businesses and nonprofits.
  • Our research indicates that Erie has a strong need for flexible small business financing, and we believe there is opportunity to help small businesses that hire, and nonprofit organizations that serve, low-income people in Erie County (read more about our mission here).
  • Also, small manufacturing companies remain an excellent source of family-wage jobs for blue-collar households in our region; and along with Allegheny County, Erie County has the highest number of manufacturing jobs and the highest average manufacturing wages in our 15-county region.
 Where is the office located, and who will be working there?

The office is located in the heart of downtown Erie on State Street -- easily accessible for our clients and partners -- in the Palace Business Centre's "Renaissance Centre" (Erie's tallest building).  It will be staffed by our loan officer T.J. King, a resident of Erie County.

1001 State Street, Suite 1400
Erie, PA  16501

What type of products and services will you offer in Erie?

We will offer the same products and services that we currently offer from the Pittsburgh office.  We make loans to small businesses and nonprofits, and our products include Entrepreneur loans, Growth loans, SBA 504 loans; Nonprofit loans; and Green loans.  We will also offer some technical assistance through our Business Education program. 

Stories from our borrowers themselves will show you the impact of these products and services - read more about them here, and watch some of our video stories here.

Which northern counties will be serviced by the Erie location?

In addition to Erie County, the office will service Clarion, Crawford, Mercer and Venango counties. 

 What is the process for applying for a loan?  Will it be different from applying for a loan at the Main Office in Pittsburgh?

The process for applying for a loan will remain the same; however, servicing of the loan documents will take place at the main office in Pittsburgh where our credit staff resides.  Read more about applying for a loan, and feel free to call or email us with questions.

 Will you open more satellite offices?

Yes, especially as demand continues to grow.  We are still researching other potential locations, but will most likely focus on a location in one of the southern counties in our market.  This way we can more effectively reach potential borrowers across our entire 15-county footprint.