52nd Street Market


Business pioneers like Dora Walmsley and Deirdre Kane provide a great example of Bridgeway’s approach to supporting clients with capital and capability. In 2014, they established the 52nd Street Market in Lawrenceville, PA to provide fresh and locally sourced foods to residents of one of Pittsburgh’s urban food deserts. Click on the image above to view a video on 52nd Street Market.

“The loan from Bridgeway Capital was the keystone of our business, and the accountant that we were hooked up with has been huge in helping us keep up our books and stay organized.”

– Dora Walmsley, Co-owner of 52nd Street Market

To encourage their long term success, Bridgeway reinforced the investment with an array of business education experiences for Walmsley and Kane. Whether providing technical assistance and healthy food financing to an urban startup like 52nd Street Market, or lending millions to a mid-sized manufacturer to modernize equipment and hire workers, Bridgeway is ready to meet the diverse needs of its borrowers, investors, and lending partners.