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Company Description

Cinemanix is a digital cinematography studio offering advanced motion capture and visual effects in western Pennsylvania. Motion capture, used in films such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Polar Express,” essentially translates human movement into an animated character. The ability to provide comprehensive media solutions allow Cinemanix to import wealth into the region from various industries, and at the same time retain local talent and attract talent from other states.

Impact Story

Bryan Scibelli's talent and entrepreneurial eye led him to western Pennsylvania as a prime location for his new company, Cinemanix — a state-of-the-art visual effects studio that specializes in fully body motion capture and 3D animation.

With Bridgeway Capital's investment, Bryan formed Cinemanix and found a location 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. This location allowed Cinemanix to keep production costs two to three times lower than its West Coast counterparts — a huge draw for out-of-state clients.

"By keeping Cinemanix in western PA, we can rebuild the image of our region into a high-tech media hub," said Bryan.

Today, Cinemanix is widely sought after for projects from all over the country.

The company is growing:

  • It created a motion capture stage in 2005 — the only commercial stage available this far east of Chicago — and a green screen in 2006.
  • It anticipates having 7 full-time employees within the next year.
  • Its client base has expanded beyond the entertainment industry to include product-based companies, legal firms and Internet companies.

“Although the entertainment industry is a huge market for us, we’ve also been working with other industries to produce 3D imaging of products — something that will really connect with the audience and show them how a product works,” said Bryan.

Business Information

230 Executive Drive
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
412-203-3422 |