7800 Susquehanna Street

Room to Grow

In 2013, Bridgeway Capital acquired the 7800 Susquehanna Street (7800) building with the support of the Richard King Mellon Foundation. The goal of the project is to repurpose an underutilized commercial asset into a platform for economic renewal in the Homewood community. As the tallest building in Homewood, Bridgeway is helping 7800 regain its position as an economic and cultural hub of a revitalized community.

What Was It?

  • 7800 was originally a Westinghouse Electric facility built in the 1920s
  • Over the last several decades the building has housed a range of commercial tenants
  • When Bridgeway purchased 7800, most of the building was not being utilized

Who Works There?

  • Businesses like Urban Tree, BANDY Woodworks, STAK Ceramics, Ma’at Construction Group, New Precision Technologies, Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer, BoXZY, and Impact Audio
  • Visual artists and arts groups like Peter Johnson, Homewood Artist Residency, Radiant Hall, Melissa Lombardo, Alexi Morrissey, and Mia Tarducci
  • Community development enterprises like the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, Rebuilding Pittsburgh Together, and the Homewood Business Center

How Does It Help?

  • For interior renovations, Bridgeway and Ma’at Construction Group assembled a contract team with 85% minority contractor participation
  • The project represents a significant investment in a chronically underinvested area of Pittsburgh
  • 7800 creates a stable economic core in Homewood to attract additional investment and encourage commercial activity

“This building was like the Empire State Building growing up in Homewood. We’re honored to give it a new purpose.”

– Vernon Brown, Ma’at Construction Group

What’s Next?

  • The completion of interior renovations and exterior improvements will allow for 100 percent occupancy
  • Initiation of business education programs by Bridgeway for 7800’s tenants and Homewood enterprises to encourage business development

7800 BrochureClick the image to access a PDF of the 7800 Facts Brochure. In December 2015, Bridgeway will launch a website dedicated to the community development objectives of 7800 and the small business aspirations of it creative tenants. Click here to go to the current splash page which has available spaces.