Feature: North Side Christian Health Center

Read about how the North Side Christian Health Center is providing quality care to residents.  CLICK HERE, or watch the video below.

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Opportunities for
Business Owners

Learn more about educational opportunities and
resources available to help improve your business!

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Feature: The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh

Wilkinsburg-based trade school provides training and employment opportunities.   

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504 Loans Lead to Expansion, Job Growth

Bridgeway Capital helps qualified borrowers finance real estate and equipment purchases.

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Welcome to Bridgeway Capital

At Bridgeway Capital, we are "bridging the way" from entrepreneurial ideas to actual business growth and impact. 

Bridgeway Capital works with companies and nonprofits in western Pennsylvania that have a strong, positive economic and social impact — igniting growth, stirring healthy competition, creating job opportunities, and strengthening communities.

From Ideas to Impact

At Bridgeway Capital, we focus on helping western Pennsylvania’s entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed in order to create a thriving region for all.  Bridgeway Capital works to:

7800 Susquehanna Street

In 2014, the nonprofit lender expanded its economic revitalization strategy by purchasing 7800 Susquehanna Street with the support of the Richard King Mellon Foundation. The goal is to re-purpose the former industrial building into a platform for economic renewal in the neighborhood of Homewood. Mark Peterson, Bridgeway’s President and CEO, said that “the building represents a major opportunity to improve business conditions in one of the region’s most challenging markets.” Click here to learn more about 7800 Susquehanna Street.